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        Our Midwest Rapid
        Fabrication Region

        1) Chicago, IL
        2) Peoria, IL
        3) Minneapolis, MN
        4) Toledo, OH
        5) St. Louis, MO
        6) Cincinnati, OH
        7) Indianapolis, IN
        8) Cleveland, OH
        9) Detroit, MI
        10) Des Moines, IA

    Fabrication Services
    On-Demand Production

    FabriFast key services include:

    Computer Aided Design (CAD) Assistance - FabriFast uses Solidworks CAD software and also accepts files in DFX, DWG, STEP, IGES and CADL formats.

    CNC Punching - We use the Amada Vipros turret technology for our soft tool punch press operations.

    Forming - We use Amada HFE brake presses with "one-touch" tool changers to minimize set-up time. We exclusively use "air bending" techniques to reduce customer tool costs and increase our production speed.

    Hardware Installation- We have Haeger presses to install hardware as needed.

    Welding - We employ spot, MIG and TIG welding to securely join your metal fabrications and assemblies.

    Metal Finishing - We utilize Stroke Sanders and Time Savers to apply the metal finish or graining that meets your specification.

    Assembly - We are equipped to assemble complete enclosures, assemblies or sub-assemblies as needed.

    Services provided by supplier - partners include:

    Laser Cutting - We are aligned with a number of suppliers who can provide laser cutting when it is economical to do so.

    Stamping - We also work with a number of stamping companies for those parts that require more precision than soft tool processes allow.

    Painting - We chose to work with the painting - focused companies nearby that have available capacity and provide quick response service rather than invest in this equipment ourselves.

    Steel Suppliers -

    Receive sheet metal fabrication quotes
    in 1 to 2 days or, give us a call at 262.670.5147 Monday through Friday 8am - 4:30pm CST.

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