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        Our Midwest Rapid
        Fabrication Region

        1) Chicago, IL
        2) Peoria, IL
        3) Minneapolis, MN
        4) Toledo, OH
        5) St. Louis, MO
        6) Cincinnati, OH
        7) Indianapolis, IN
        8) Cleveland, OH
        9) Detroit, MI
        10) Des Moines, IA

    Faster, Better, Smarter
    Maximizing Customer Value-Add

    FabriFast does not try to be all things to all people in sheet metal fabricating. Our business model is built from the ground up specifically for those companies who require lower unit volume and high product variety or variability. The FabriFast business model offers our customers unique advantages in speed, cost and quality, with no excess overhead. If, like us, you value speed and responsiveness, detest waste and needless overhead, and believe in the capability of the American worker, FabriFast should be on your short list of firms to consider for your next sheet metal fabrication job.

    FabriFast Advantages

    Best-in-class responsiveness
    • Quotes in one to two days
    • Production runs in two weeks
    • Simple, intuitive information systems
    Air Bending Sheet Metal
    We exclusively use "air bend" forming techniques to increase speed and reduce customer tool costs.

    Fast Change Tools
    Precision, quick-change tooling allows fast set-ups, manufacturing flexibility and maximum machine utilization.
    Structured for lower cost
    • Highly skilled, flexible work force
    • Lean Manufacturing designed into every process
    • Advanced technology, highly productive equipment
    • Low overhead, high asset utilization
    • Opportunity for joint cost-of ownership savings
    Measured quality and delivery
    • Publicly posted performance, nothing hidden from the customer
    • Advanced process control from start to finish
    • Our measure: 100% complete and on time, or it's late!
    Owner involvement
    • Experience and commitment
    • Complete accountability
    • Streamlined decision-making

    Receive sheet metal fabrication quotes
    in 1 to 2 days or, give us a call at 262.670.5147 Monday through Friday 8am - 4:30pm CST.

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